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Meadowview Manor is a Personal Care Residence with an attached Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.

Since 1983, Meadowview has been helping Seniors live a secure and happy life under the care of one round-the-clock registered nurses and aides. Residents of Meadowview are encouraged to be independent and to stay active with their community and hobbies, but always have the support of our staff to assist them with their needs.

What residents enjoy most about living at Meadowview is the maintenance-free lifestyle. Our experienced staff assists with personal care needs, managing medications, communicating with Doctors and Specialists and organizing appointments and transportation to ensure that residents feel their best every day. With laundry services, housekeeping and meals provided, residents are free to do the things they love. Our Activities Program offers a variety of events and outings to keep residents active.
Personal care homes in Pennsylvania with registered nurses with 20 yrs experience.

  • Manage Health Daily
  • Manage Medications
  • Worry-Free Lifestyle
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation

We offer a variety of activities to keep residents engaged!